New Clay County Jail


On Friday, June 28th the Clay County Supervisors, along with the Clay County Sheriff conducted an open house and an official ribbon cutting, with over 300 people in attendance.

The open house continued for the public on Saturday, June 29th and had an overwhelming response, by having over 1300 people touring the facility, for a grand total of over 1600 people going through the facility over the weekend.

On Monday, July 22, 2013 the Clay County sheriff’s Office officially moved into their offices and are open for business.

The Clay County Jail Staff moved Prisoners out of the old jail Tuesday, July 30th, so equipment, furnishings and supplies could be moved to the new jail. Then during August 5th thru August 14th, 2013, jail staff was trained, equipment set up and stored.

All prisoners were then moved into the new jail on Thursday, August 15, 2013.

The new Clay County Sheriff's Office and Jail is currently housing law enforcement staff and after training is completed over the next 10 days, prisoners will be moved in during the week of Aug. 6.
Picture of the outside of the new jail
(Photo by Randy M. Cauthron)

Currently vacant, this cell block will begin housing Clay County's jail population within the next two weeks.
Picture of the inside of the new jail
(Photo by Michael Fischer)

Finishing Touches

• Prisoners will be in new jail by Aug. 9

By Randy M. Cauthron
Managing Editor

"It's been quite a process," Clay County Sheriff Randy Krukow said as he continued to move boxes from his old office to his new home.

Krukow has overseen the development of the $5.6 million, 16,255 square foot sheriff's office and jail. He remains thankful for the vote of Clay County residents who green-lighted the project.

"It's an honor to be here during this time to get to this point. Next week we begin a week-and-a-half of training," Krukow said.

During that time, the current residents of the out-dated jail will be taken to jails in five surrounding counties and held until the Clay County jail is ready to begin housing them.

The entire staff will be trained on new policies and procedures, as well as everything from heating and cooling to tactical situations, fire evacuations to emergency medical care, and in-take and release.

The training will involve the deputies and jail staff, as well as Spencer Police Department and Iowa State Patrol personnel.

"The only way to do this is to have everyone on the same page," Krukow said.

By the end of the week of Aug. 9, the prisoners will be moved into the new accommodations.

Currently, final preparations are being made for a final inspection.

"We're getting the punch list ready for the state jail inspector. These items have now been taken care of," Krukow assured.

He continued, "This building is easier and safer for the staff, which was a top priority. Plus, there's the fact that we would have been shut down last December if we hadn't been building this."

A total of 30 beds with intake capacity of 14 will for the first time provide medical/behavioral segregation options and automated operations to enhance security for the staff and public.

Seventy motion-sensitive cameras offer a great deal more security to the building. There is an intercom connection to the cameras, remote lock down and the central control system offers touch screen capability.

"The Central Control can lock down the entire facility with one touch. Before, to lock a door you physically had to take a key and go there," Krukow explained. "The staff will no longer have keys on them. It will all be done through Central Control and there will always be someone monitoring Central Control."

There is also space to allow for classification of prisoners. There is a separate area for adjudicated adults, where before they had to be sent elsewhere. Prisoners with illnesses can be kept away from other prisoners and staff.

Thinking long-term savings, a geo-thermal system was added to the facility plan and skylights were key to maintain energy savings.

Artwork of the New Clay County Jail building
Architects artwork of new Jail buillding


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