Clay County Sheriff's Office Jail information including rules and other pertinent information.

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  Clay County Sheriff's Office - Jail Information

Jail Rules
No smoking
No roughhousing
No loud noise
No use of profanity
No gambling of any type
Keep living quarters clean
Keep self clean
Keep mattress and bedding off floor
Stay properly dressed
No spitting on floors or walls
Keep books and magazines neatly stacked
No writing or drawing on any jail surface
No writing or drawing on uniforms
No tearing of uniforms, towels or linens
No hanging bedding, towels or linens on bars or beds

Minor Infractions
Minor infractions of these rules can result in the loss of privileges.  Examples of privileges:
Limited Visitation

Major Infractions
Major infractions, such as those listed below, can result in loss of good time and/or disciplinary procedures as well as criminal charges.  Example of infractions:
Assaulting staff
Escape (aiding or abetting)
Failure to obey a reasonable order
False statements to staff
Defacing or destroying county property
Acting as jailhouse foreman

Jail is monitored by television. Dress and conduct yourself accordingly

List of Items Allowed in the Jail
The quantity of personal property and printed materials allowed in the jail is limited for safety and security reasons. All property must fit in the tote provided by the jail staff.
Underwear (no boxer shorts)
Pictures - that are not considered obscene or those that would cause unrest in the jail.
All other items must be approved by the Jail Administrator before being allowed.

Services Available to Inmates
Postage and stationary (2 stamps per week)
Attorney visits (request only)
AA and drug counseling (request only)

Clergy: Monday through Friday with 24 Hour Notice
Family/Friends (age 18 & over) or accompanied by parent or legal guardian (no holidays)

Mail, if not privileged, will be opened and inspected by the staff for contraband and security reasons. Privileged mail is mail to or from the following:
Court Judge
Governor of Iowa
Clerk of Court
Citizen's Aid Office
Member of federal/state legislature
All outgoing mail will be sent through the U.S. Postal Service. Friends and family can not stop at the jail to pick up a note or letter at any time of the day.

Inmates will be allowed newspapers, books and magazines only when sent directly from the publisher and when they don't present a security risk or are likely to produce disruptive behavior.

Phones are only available at certain times of the day per jail schedule to inmates not in segregation.  All phone calls are monitored.  If there is an emergency, jail staff will make sure the inmate gets to make a phone call.

Grievance Procedure
Any inmate may begin the grievance process by requesting a form from the jail staff. The specific steps are detailed on the form.

The cost of copies is 25 cents per page. Copies can be made once a day on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the convenience of the jail staff. Copies will be made only if the inmate has money on the books to pay for them.

Legal Books
Legal books will be made available to inmates upon request.  Inmates without legal representation will have first priority.

Medical Attention
However, no inmate will be denied necessary medical services, dental services, medicine or prostheses because of a lack of ability to pay for said services.

The Spencer Hospital, Avera Medical Center, and Crown Clinics will provide medical services to inmates when needed. When an inmate advises that he/she requires medical attention, the inmate will complete a medical service request form and a determination will be made as to what kind of services will be provided.

Emergencies will be handled through the Spencer Hospital Emergency Room and non-emergency cases will be handled through Avera Medical Center or Crown Clinics. Dental services will be handled in much the same manner.

Jail Policy Regarding Charges of Inmates
WHEREAS, Section 345.7, Code of Iowa, authorizes the Sheriff to charge a prisoner who is 18 years of age or older for room and board provided while the prisoner is in the custody of the Sheriff and:
WHEREAS, Clay County has resolved to impose a charge under the terms of said statute.
NOW THEREFORE, the following resolution, having been approved by the Clay County Board of Supervisors, is hereby adopted by the Sheriff of Clay County.
1. Definitions
a. A day shall mean 24 hours, irrespective of the time of day when the inmate commences
serving his/her time.
b. A partial day is defined as being more than six hours.
c. A weekend shall be defined as commencing at or after 5 p.m. on Friday and ending at or before 8 a.m. on Monday.
2. Provisions Regarding Charges Levied Against Prisoners
a. For persons who, by their choice elect to serve their entire sentence on weekends or are serving a sentence of accommodation, the charge will be $50.00 per day or each partial day served.
b. For all other persons, the charge will be $40.00 for each day or each partial day served.
c. Work release in-county and out-of-county is $25.00 per day and must be paid in advance plus room and board
d. The charges hereby imposed shall be paid by all prisoners for all days or partial days served after their conviction. Prisoners shall also pay the same charges for any time for which they are given credit for time previously served by the court in connection with any sentence
e. No prisoner shall be entitled to early release for good time until the prisoner has paid all charges imposed.
f. There will be a $5.00 administrative fee (per request) charged to see medical personnel.
g. Pursuant to the Iowa Administrative Code 201 Chapter 50.15 responsibility of the costs of medical, dental services and products including prescriptions remain that of the inmate.

Commissary Fund
The Sheriff's department maintains a commissary fund where inmates or their families may deposit money to be used by the inmate to make purchases while incarcerated.
Any money deposited into the fund is a privilege which may be withdrawn.
The commissary fund is subject to the rules of the Sheriff's department including but not limited to the rules explained above.
By depositing money into the commissary fund, you agree that the money is subject to these rules, and agree that the money may be taken to pay charges as set forth in paragraph b below. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not deposit money into the commissary fund.

*Any money deposited into the inmate's commissary fund may be taken by the Sheriff's department to pay any amounts owed by the inmate to the Sheriff's department for any purpose, including but not limited to, vehicle towing fees, charges levied against prisoners for housing or work release, fines, surcharges or other charges of any nature imposed by the Sheriff's offices. In addition, money may be taken for prescriptions and for medical or dental services and products or for other expenses as authorized by Iowa Administrative Code 201-50.15.

Disciplinary Hearing Board
The purpose of the disciplinary hearing board is to conform with Wolff vs. McDonald 418 U.S. 539 (1974), and other applicable state and federal laws and court decisions dealing with refractory prisoners.

Disciplinary actions will apply only to violations of documented rules and and regulations of the Clay County Jail, and upon notification in writing (incident report) to the board of the officer involved in this specific incident.
The Board will be comprised of three deputies, one chairman and two assistants.  The finding of the Board will be incontestable, with the right to appeal to the Sheriff or the Jail Administrator.

Effective Date
This policy shall be in effect with respect to all prisoners who commence serving their jail sentence on or after March 1, 2006.  

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The Clay County Jail is located at
3115 W. 4th Street, Spencer, IA

Nicole Huckfelt Jail Administrator
phone: 712-264-4242
fax: 712-264-4241

Monday - Friday 10:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Sunday 1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

  No Saturdays
No Holidays

24 Hour Notice for All Visitations
Contact Jail @ 712-264-4242


Clay County Sheriff's Office Staff 2019

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