Learn to identify a meth dump and how the Clay county, Iowa Sheriff's department goes about cleaning one up.

Clay County Sheriff's Office Staff 2019
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  Clay County Sheriff's Office - Narcotics Division

Remnants of Meth Dumps
Some or all of the following may be Remnants of a Methamphetamine lab:

Empty ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine bottles or containers
Starter fluid cans which contain ether
Drain cleaner containers
Stove fuel, lighter fluid, or white gas containers
Lithium batteries, which have been peeled open
Sulfuric acid or containers
Rock salt
Anhydrous ammonia
Red phosphorus, sometimes wrapped in coffee filters
Plastic containers with hoses duct taped on
20lb Propane tank converted for anhydrous ammonia with the fitting turned blue or greenish from chemicals
Iodine crystals
Denatured alcohol or HEET gas line additives
Hydriodic acid
Hydrochloric acid
Aluminum foil
Table salt
Distilled water
Muriatic acid
Paint thinner
Brake cleaner
Pyrex or Corning dishes
Plastic jugs, bottles, funnels, tubing
Rubber gloves
Gasoline Can
Duct tape
Hot Plate
    Meth Lab 2 

If you find these items, do not examine them.
If you have any information on drug trafficking or meth labs in Clay County please contact:
Crime Stoppers @ 712-262-6655 or the Clay County Sheriff's Office at 712-262-3221.

You may also report via TextATip by texting 274637 (CRIMES) and then enter CSI21.

2001 Meth lab dump site cleanup process:
The following are scenes of 2001 meth lab dump sites in rural Clay County investigated by the Sheriff's Department and the State Fire Marshall's Office. In the year 2000, Clay County experienced a 5,000% increase in meth lab dump sites and has cost the county over $ 50,000 in over-time and cleanup costs.

A scene of an Anhydrous ammonia theft
in rural Clay County
  Trash left from a meth cook

Deputies and Fire Marshall investigate meth dump   State Fire Marshall at meth dump site

Plastic containers used to generate meth   State Fire Marshall starting to neutralize a meth dump site
State Fire Marshall finalizing the cleanup operation     


Clay County Sheriff's Office Staff 2019

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